Course Information

P4 Certified Life Coach Training

~This course serves as a primary course for basis life coach training and incorporates core content in coaching. It provides students with core coaching competencies, techniques and professional practice standards. Students completing this course will be a Professional Certified Life Coach.


~The course is designed to provide training on the basics of coaching skills. The first half of this class focuses on the skills used by professional coaches, covering the definition of coaching, the distinctions between counseling, therapy, and coaching, the ethics of coaching, and a strong focus on the development of the basic coaching skills or core competencies, including but not limited to creating rapport, re-framing, open questions, and active listening, and goal setting.


~Student contact hours for this training are 30 hours.


Learning goals

By the completion of the course, students will:

~ Be familiar with and comfortable with basic coaching skills and methods that enable you to serve as a coach.

~ Develop an understanding of the evidence-based theories, philosophies, and models on which the profession of coaching is based and be able to explain the process of coaching to a client.

~ Understand and apply the ethical standards of the profession of coaching in your work with clients.

~ Be able to use basic methods and strategies for personal coaching.

~ Be able to design your coaching business distinct from counseling or therapy practice and the ethical issues which must be considered.

· Identify the transferable skills that form your background and what non-transferable skills, methods, habits, and orientations you need to leave behind.

~Understand the ICF Core Competencies.

~The English language is used to deliver the program.

~The program is delivered face to face and online.

~It is strongly suggested that students have had experience in non-profit and/or ministry leadership.


~Full payment of registration fee is due two weeks before training via  There are no other fees required. 3 installments will be accepted. Payments are non refundable.

~We offer a $50 referral bonus for every referral to P4 Coaching Institute Certified Life Coach Training. Referred person must complete all required training and graduate before referral bonus is issued. 

For more information on how to become a Certified Life Coach, register below for a Complimentary Information Session on 7 Key Points to Becoming A Certified Life Coach, with Master Coach Tilda Whitaker Bailey.

P4 Coaching Institute 3 Day Training Course Curriculum

Thursday  8am-6pm

  •  Welcome

  •  Introductions

  •  Defining Life Coaching?

  •  The Theories and Fundamentals of   Coaching

  •  ICF Core Coaching Competencies

  •  Intake

  •  A Client’s Goals

  •  Setting SMART Goals

  •  Guiding the client in creating a plan

  •  Accountability

  •  Cooperative Communication 

  •  Road Blocks and Limiting Beliefs 

  •  The Right Questions 

  •  Stop the "Fixer" 

  •  P4 Code of Ethics 

  •  Bridging The Gap

  •  Follow-up & Q and A

Friday   8am-6pm

  •  The Theories and Fundamentals of   Coaching continued Hands-on   Coaching 

  •  Applying and using the Core Coaching   Skills you have learned, you will coach   live subjects while being observed by   the trainers. To fully experience   coaching, you will coach and be   coached, while being guided and   mentored by your trainer. During, and   immediately following the session,   your  trainer will provide feedback   using a training evaluation forms.

Saturday  8am-6pm

  •  Learning how to market your coaching   business.

  •  We lead you step-by-step through   designing and marketing your practice.   You will begin marketing plan for your   coaching business tailored to your     budget.

  •  Steps for Content Creation

  •  Social Media 101

  •  How to design your brochure,       business  cards, website template,   and  create an elevator speech   tailored  specifically to your business.



  •  Included in your training

  •  A training manual which includes

  •  coaching tools

  •  Technical support provided

  •  Niche coaching specialties

  •  Intake and follow-up procedures

  •  Client forms and sample questions

  •  Printed certificate

  •  Actual sample marketing materials such as brochures, business cards, and website samples.


Coach Certification

  •  A graduation ceremony after the class on Saturday..